Copywriting sample of homepage by capability statement and website copywriter, Blue Budgie

Capability statement and website copywriting for engineering company, MCG Consult

Based in Melbourne, MCG Consult offers consulting and civil engineering services for projects throughout Australia. After working in the industry for decades, directors Dara and Craig wanted to create an engineering firm that prioritised great client relationships and employee wellbeing.  In an industry where impersonal and technical content is commonplace, they wanted copy that showcased their abilities while being relaxed and approachable.


We avoided the stale language and buzzwords used by other engineering firms and adopted a tone of voice that is confident yet relaxed. By highlighting the team’s experience and brand ethos, we promoted the business as an exciting new firm that will set the benchmark for their industry.

Instead of boring bios, we included engaging details such as “favourite part of the job” and “described by the team as”.

The website, capability statement and LinkedIn company profile are all consistent in tone to support a cohesive and professional brand.


  • Capability statement

  • SEO website copy for 4 pages

  • LinkedIn company profile

Sample of bio in capability statement by copywriting agency, Blue Budgie
Sample website copywriting by capability statement copywriter, Blue Budgie Communications

Copy sample

Featured in capability statement 


We achieve design excellence through collaboration, leadership and progressive thinking.

We’re not the types to take a back seat. We dive in and become integral members of your broader consulting team, working in partnership with other engineers and architects to find clever solutions to complex problems. By sharing our expertise and staying open to feedback, we ensure you extract maximum value from our involvement at all stages of design and construction.

We understand how important it is for your project to progress on time and within budget. Our ability to design to local standards and make quick adjustments helps expedite the approval process along with our established relationships with local authorities and automated systems.

While we’ve accumulated decades of experience, repeat clients and industry accolades, we remain humble and approachable. Our directors, Dara McGrenaghan and Craig Gist, believe that a happy and supported team is key to delivering great work and a great client experience. That’s why we offer our employees ownership in the business along with all the support they need to grow, learn and thrive.

What the client had to say

“Well done! Love the content and the language.”

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