Digital content and print copy for a campaign to support responsible pet ownership

Geelong agency Paul Kelly Creative knew that writing digital content and print copy for a campaign about dogs would be right up my alley. The purpose of the FOGO campaign was to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage residents to pick up after their pooches. When the agency said the client was open to having some fun with the campaign, it was music to my ears.


With all the social media campaigns and competitions out there, we needed something that stood out. Every pet owner thinks their fluff child is the most magnificent creature to ever strut along the footpath. I tapped into that sentiment by developing a competition for the next ‘Pet Poo President’. The copy was humorous (and slightly ludicrous) which made the topic of waste more engaging and fun.


  • Campaign idea and name

  • Content for social media platforms

  • Copy for printed postcard

Copy sample

Social media campaign

Nominate your PET POO PRESIDENT and make the footpath great again! 

Is your pet the envy of the park?

Do they have the strut of a supermodel? The confidence of a Kardashian?

The selfie game of an Insta influencer?

It’s time for your pet to off the couch and SHINE!

We’re looking for a pet to be the face of responsible pet poo disposal. An ambassador for putting the correct poo bags in your FOGO Bin. A beacon of poopsitivity that’ll save our nature strips from the dreaded brown soft serve.

Share a pic of your dazzling domestic friend and they could be elected our Pet Poo President. Our PPP will star on a postcard that’ll educate the community about how to correctly dispose of pet poo in their FOGO bin. Your pet’s magnificent mug could grace fridges across the Barwon South West region. And you could win a $100 Visa Gift Card for your effort.


What the client had to say

“Thanks for your great work on this. The whole team had positive comments and they loved the concept.”

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