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E-commerce copywriting for female wellness brand, Isla.

It’s not every day that you get asked to write copy for a vaginal wand but when the brief is “have some fun with it”, it’s a big YES. Isla is a product that can help reduce the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and vaginal laxity – a sensitive topic for a lot of women. Isla had an existing website and packaging that was generic, dated and nothing like its vivacious owners. We propelled the brand into 2023 by creating tailored copy for the new website, packaging and fact sheet.


After reading through Isla’s testimonials, we realised that their customers had a great sense of humour. We focused on being empathetic to the health problems they were experiencing while infusing the copy with a good dose of humour. Phrases like “let’s not beat around the bush” and “say hello to your vagina’s new BFF” injected some fun into the copy without making light of the audience’s health concerns.

Instead of just promoting the product, we used language that made Isla a confidante – someone who understands what the audience is going through and has a solution. The brand became an embodiment of the owner’s ethos and personality.

The tone for the website, packaging and fact sheet are all consistent creating a cohesive and resonant brand.


  • Copy for packaging

  • SEO website copy for 5 pages

  • Fact sheet

Sample of webpage copy by e-commerce copywriter, Blue Budgie Communications
Webpage sample by Melbourne e-commerce copywriter, Blue Budgie Communications

Copy sample

Featured on homepage

In Indonesia, there’s a jamu for pretty much every ailment. For centuries, women have trusted traditional herbal medicine to tighten the vagina, especially after birth and the ageing process has taken its toll.

While using Isla for its tightening effect, women discovered another welcome result – no more vaginal odour, itching or abnormal discharge. Word spread and Isla soon became the go-to herbal remedy for women wanting to restore the health of their vaginas, the natural way.

What the client had to say

“Thanks for the words Jacqui, we love them. Only one small change and that’s it.”

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