Feature articles and sponsored content for leading brands including Foxtel, Coles, Netflix and Disney

Since 2013, I’ve been a freelance feature writer for Mamamia, Australia’s largest women’s media company with a reach of over 5 million. Working in close partnership with the editorial team, I produce sponsored content for big brands in the health and parenting sectors including Netflix, Coles, Foxtel, Disney and the NSW Government.


I draw off my personal experiences to produce content that is relatable and on brief. If it suits the brand, I use humour to convey the key messages in a playful and endearing way. Promotion of the product or service is included as naturally as possible by avoiding overly salesy language. By only promoting brands that align to my values, I’ve built trust with the audience.


  • Sponsored content

  • Feature articles

Copy sample

Excerpt from sponsored article written for Disney Pixar to promote The Incredibles 2.

I recently had to travel interstate for work and braced myself for the inevitable question: “Who’s looking after the kids?”

My answer? “Their very capable dad.”

The look that greeted me was one of confusion tinged with a sprinkle of judgement, as if I’d said my kids were being babysat by a wolf pack in the African jungle while I binge-drank in Bora Bora.

Despite all the progress we’ve made in championing women in the workforce, I run into gender stereotypes everywhere I go – at the park, at kinder drop-off, at work and during random conversations with strangers. We’ve made a lot of progress since Nanna was tied to the stove in a floral apron, but we have a fair way to go.

What the client had to say

“You’re an absolute professional and one of my favourite freelancers!”

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