As a financial services copywriter, Jacqui McCallum wrote the copy for the Spindle Wealth website. This is an image of the home page

SEO website copywriting for financial services start-up, Spindle Wealth

Spindle Wealth wanted to shake up the finance industry by offering low-cost, productised financial services and lending solutions. When owner Brett said he wanted to be “bold, modern, quirky and a bit rebellious”, I knew we were a match made in copy heaven. I worked with Brett to create copy for the full site using no-BS language that appealed to the target market of 25 to 40-year-olds who want a simple solution to getting their financial shit sorted.


We created a quirky and distinct tone of voice that is pretty out there for the financial services industry. The tagline of “Get your financial sh!t sorted” was echoed throughout the site with the product page called “The Sort-Your-Sh!t-Out-Shop”. We helped connect with the audience by explaining the services as “personal wealth management for the not-wealthy, almost-wealthy and wealthy-but-don’t-wanna-waste it.” We also made sure the audience felt ok (and never shamed) for having their finances in disarray.

On the about page we told Brett’s personal story to build rapport with the audience while on the ‘What we do’ page we unapologetically defined what Spindle Wealth does and doesn’t do. For example, “sleazy sales tactics and upselling” are a strong no.

The result is a clear, edgy, personality-packed site that is perfectly tailored to the target market. The opposite of a snoozefest.


  • Tagline
  • SEO website copy for 6 pages

  • Video script

Sample of about page copy by financial services copywriter, Jacqui McCallum
Sample of about services copy by Melbourne finance copywriter, Jacqui McCallum

Copy sample

Featured on homepage

Money management tools and support to help you take charge, live well and give the finger to financial stress.

You know you should sort out your finances but it’s in the too hard basket. Financial advisers charge like a bull on steroids. And you don’t have the time to book an appointment only to be told you suck at saving and will have to retire in a tent.

Forget that elitist, old school BS!

Our financial toolkit puts you in the driver’s seat. No hidden fees. No headaches. Just efficient automation plus expert guidance when you need it. Want to sort out your super and dash? All good. Need help with the whole shebang? We’re here for it. With Spindle Wealth, it’s all about you. And it’s about bloody time.

What the client had to say

“WOW…what an amazing job you have done. I love it!!!”

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