Website copywriting, content marketing and product packaging for an e-commerce health brand

I’ve worked with Franjos Kitchen since 2016 to support their brand growth as they bring new products to the global wellness market. Directors, Fran and Jo, wanted to find a balance between the #blessed messaging and the #keepingitreal approach to motherhood to ensure mothers felt heard, understood and supported from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond.


I encouraged Fran and Jo to have some fun with their content to differentiate them from a lot of the other health brands on the market. We developed humorous names for their range of breastfeeding products including ‘biscuits for your boobs’, ‘crackers for your cans’ and ‘muesli for your melons’.

We ensured every product description was full of personality and included a section called ‘Inspiration’ that showed customers how the products could make parenting life that little bit easier and more enjoyable.


  • SEO website copy

  • Product descriptions

  • Packaging copy

  • Social media content

  • Print ads

Copy sample

Website product description: Currant and Coconut Tanker Topper biscuits

We’re super proud of all our biscuit babies but if Jo had to pick a favourite, our currant and coconut Tanker Toppers would get the guernsey (shh, don’t tell the others).

The hero ingredients of organic coconut flakes and currants are blended with Jo’s favourite superfoods. We’re talking Australian grown teff flour, chia seeds and buckwheat. But it doesn’t stop there. Each little morsel of crunchy deliciousness also contains gluten-free brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal and quinoa flakes – ingredients that have been used for centuries to make your mooies milk.

Yep, these coconutty bosom boosters are packed full of vitamins, minerals and good fats. What they don’t contain are gluten, dairy, eggs and refined sugar making them perfect for gluten avoiders and vegans.*

Don’t get stuck bingeing on a sugary snack when the hunger hits. Stock up on our delicious currant and coconut biscuits for your boobs. They’ll give you the energy you need to get through the day on two hours sleep. And they’ll support a healthy milk supply to keep bub happy and nourished.

Feeling a bit down about your post-baby body? Repeat after us, “I am an almighty baby birthing phoenix. Every inch of me tells a story to be cherished.” Then fill that perfect tummy with 2 or 3 Tanker Toppers while you stare at the new life you brought into this world. You’re beautiful Mumma, don’t you forget it.

What the client had to say

“Jacqui is a magician with words and has a knack for creating copy that is engaging, fun and totally on brand. She is the absolute best. She understands us so well.”

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