Launch strategy, tagline and website copywriting for a responsible fishing campaign in Victoria

Monash University, VRFish, the Victorian Fisheries Authority and Flinders University came together to launch a campaign focussed on responsible fishing of sharks and rays. As this was a new campaign, I worked with Paul Kelly Creative to develop the campaign name, tagline, key messages and website copy. Over a few months of collaboration, Shark Mates came to life.


Each organisation had a slightly different objective so it was important to balance the focus on conservation without discouraging fishing. All the information on the website had to be evidence based and aligned to current fishing regulations.

While it would have been easy to produce content that was very dry and informational, I encouraged the clients to have a bit of fun with it. The name ‘Shark Mates’ is intentionally casual and Aussie while the tagline ‘Catch. Care. Conserve.’ clearly highlights the three focus areas while using alliteration to aid flow and memorability. The website copy includes phrases like ‘Sharken up your skills and rays your game’, plays on words that give the copy extra personality.


  • Campaign name

  • Tagline

  • Key messages

  • SEO website copy

Copy sample

Homepage copy

A better fishing experience for everyone.
As a recreational fisher, you play a vital role in maintaining a healthy population of sharks, rays and other fish stocks. Understanding the different species and knowing how to fish responsibly will not only support fish populations, it’ll improve your confidence and safety. The result? A more enjoyable fishing experience, now and in the future.

Over recent years, some of you have indicated that there is room for improvement in the handling of sharks and rays. While you feel that you’re doing the right thing, you’re worried that others aren’t. You’ve told us you want the fishing community to get more credible information about the best way to catch, handle and release sharks and rays.

The Shark Mates initiative is about discovering and promoting best practice in recreational fishing guidelines so Australia can lead the way in supporting our sharks and respecting our rays.

Sharken up your skills and rays your game
Whether you’re targeting sharks and rays or not, you need to use the right gear and have a plan in place if you catch one.

Handle with know-how
Knowing how to handle sharks and rays is vital for their safety and yours. And yes, sizes does matter.

Release with respect
It’s important to release sharks and rays in the best condition possible. What you do on a boat is different to what you do on a shore or jetty.

What the client had to say

“The copy sounds great. Loving how this campaign is taking shape. Well done!”

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